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Align Sales, Product, and
Customer Success Teams Instantly

With features that benefit all teams, change how your teams execute sales strategies and drive more wins, faster.

Amplify10 offers various packages to fit all price points.

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Amplifying All Teams

Sales Teams

Receive AI Powered guidance to customer shepherd your customer to their complex evaluation process.

Customer Success Teams

Finally receive a clean handoff from Sales with a clear summary of the engagement to that point.

Sales Enablement Teams

Reduce confusion and redundant requests for collateral with a single source of truth to find the right asset each time.

Product Teams

Align your Product team with Customer Success and Sales teams instantly with real-time market data. Make informed decisions and stop wasting time in unnecessary product developments.

Marketing Teams

Gain access to a continuous feedback loop with the market to drive messaging that resonates and create impactful campaigns.

Account Management

Equip account managers to be able to cross-sell and upsell in the moment when organic conversations occur.

Sales Teams

Ramp in a fraction of the time.

Receive sales plays for every deal.

Become a trusted advisor.

Become a product expert.

Customer Success Teams

Crisp handoff from Sales to Customer Success.

Intelligent guidance to ensure and grow your renewal.

Receive a clear view on the history of the account.

Receive a clear view on the status of the account.

Sales Enablement

Give Sales an easy to use tool that actually helps win deals!

Any change is completed in real time, within minutes.

Eliminate Sales' dependency on your team or anyone else.

Delight marketing by finally using their content!

Product Teams

Continuous feedback loop with customers.

Understand the customer better.

Data driven product-market fit analysis.

Deliver a valued roadmap.

Marketing Teams

Run campaigns related to the current interests of the market.

Eliminate campaigns that miss the target.

Build content that connects with the market.

Hear the actual voice of the customer through data-driven insights.

Account Managers

Receive fit/gap analysis for every requirement.

Receive sales plays for every deal.

Become a trusted advisor.

Become a product expert.