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Sales Tactics

17 Sales Tactics That Work For Any Industry

Featurewave has compiled a list of ’17 effective sales tactics that work for any industry. We have gathered these proven sales tactics from the best in the business and actual sales resources. … Read More

Fireside Chat: Multithreaded Selling with Susan McGovern (Legion Technologies)

Susan McGovern explains that In multi-threaded selling, you typically have established contacts with multiple stakeholders within the buying process whereas single-threaded, as it implies, you are typically just engaging with one person. Listen in as Susan and Joe discuss how to leverage this approach successfully and add value in the process. … Read More

How to Measure Sales Efficiency

Sales efficiency is a critical metric in today’s business world that can help companies determine the effectiveness and performance of their sales teams. But how exactly can one measure it and all of its components effectively? … Read More