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How Sales Enablement Differs From Basic Sales Training

While sales training and sales enablement are both valuable tools in the sales process, they serve different purposes.

At the center of every sales approach lies sales training, and sales enablement.

But what separates these strategies?

And more importantly, how are they used to cultivate growth in your business?

Sales training: the basics

Sales training typically involves providing salespeople with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively engage with customers, understand their needs, and close deals. 

This may involve training on product knowledge, sales techniques, objection handling, communication skills, and other aspects of the sales process.

The goal of sales training is to help salespeople become more confident and effective in their interactions with customers. 

To summarize, sales training is focused on individual salespeople and is aimed at improving their performance. 

Sales enablement

Sales enablement in broad terms, is a more strategic and holistic approach to improving sales effectiveness.

This approach involves providing salespeople with the resources and support they need to be successful, such as sales tools, technology platforms, content, and data. 

Additionally, sales enablement functions to improve the entire sales organization, rather than just individual salespeople. The objective is to create a streamlined and efficient sales process that supports the entire sales team, from prospecting to closing deals.

How is it practiced? 

Pursuing sales enablement can involve introducing a spectrum of tasks.

Simply creating a centralized repository of sales collateral is a great starting place.

Add in marketing materials, provide training and coaching to sales teams, and develop technology platforms that support the sales process, and you have a cohesive tactical plan.

Align sales and marketing efforts to ensure a consistent message to customers to bring it around holistically.

Both are needed

Ultimately, sales training is focused on the development of independent skills, while sales enablement is focused on providing a comprehensive set of resources to support the entire sales process.

Both are important components of a successful sales strategy. 

Therefore, by investing in both, organizations can improve their sales performance and drive visible growth. 

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