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Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ Team Up to Help Businesses Drive Revenue Growth with Complimentary AI-Powered Solutions

Two quickly implemented AI-powered solutions— Featurewave and SAASTEPS— when used together within the Salesforce CRM platform, are a powerful combined force to help you streamline sales engagement and automate revenue acceleration processes.

San Francisco, CA, July 27, 2023 — Featurewave announces a strategic partnership with SAASTEPS™ which will give customers access to cutting-edge technology to drive sustainable revenue growth. Featurewave offers an AI-powered sales efficiency platform that guides sales reps through every step of the sales process, resulting in improved sales execution. By integrating SAASTEPS™ SAASRAM™ suite, built 100% Native & Lightning inside Salesforce, with Featurewave’s AI-powered sales efficiency platform, built on Salesforce and powered by Azureyou can additionally optimize self-service buyer journeys, streamline internal sales processes, and enable efficient revenue workflows.

When you combine the power of Featurewave and SAASTEPS™, you can close business more quickly, streamline sales engagement, and maximize your revenue growth. As a customer, you can avoid significant operational expenses and save months of time and resources by using Featurewave and SAASTEPS™. Here are some specific benefits that customers can expect from using Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ together:

Reduced operational costs

Standardized, modular features within Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ mean that you only pay for the features you need, and you can easily add on new features as your business grows. This can save you a significant amount of money on operational costs.

Quick implementation

Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ both have quick implementation times, so you can start using them right away and start seeing results. This can save you months of lost time and resources.

Increased revenue: 

Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ can help you to navigate the Salesforce landscape with confidence and maximize your revenue potential. When used together, the two solutions offer a wide range of features that can help you to improve your sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

Improved Sales Execution with Combined Featurewave and SAASTEPS

In today’s self-service buyer journey environment, engaging customers and driving sales has become increasingly challenging. SAASTEPS™ addresses this by empowering sales teams with Featurewave’s AI-powered sales co-pilot. By leveraging Featurewave’s artificial intelligence (AI) and chat capabilities, the platform guides sales reps through every step of the sales process, resulting in improved sales execution. Featurewave unlocks the value that’s been trapped in existing sales enablement, training, and content systems

The SAASTEPS™ SAASRAM™ suite compliments the sales process with a user-friendly interface that integrates seven solutions into a single package, eliminating the need for multiple custom code systems. SAASTEPS™ optimizes self-service buyer journeys, streamlines internal sales processes, and enables efficient revenue workflows. You can also easily manage subscriptions, pay bills, purchase using a credit card and ACH on file, and automate the renewals process with SAASPAY®. By automating billing processes and consolidating gateways and merchant accounts, SAASPAY® provides Featurewave users with valuable insights into growth, churn, and financial health.

“Featurewave (AI Sales Assistant) and SAASTEPS™ (eCommerce + SAASPAY® + SAASRAM™) provide our clients with exceptional value solutions that offer seamless installation, effortless maintenance, and intuitive user experiences,” said Joe Parlett, Co-Founder of Featurewave. “I’ve also known the team at SAASTEPS for 13+ years, and our shared commitment to customer experience and success makes this partnership a natural fit.”

Promising Momentum in Customer Results

Customers of Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ are already seeing dramatic results, and this partnership is sure to add to that momentum. Featurewave clients have seen their sales ramp time reduced by 75%, thanks to the company’s AI-powered sales co-pilot. SAASTEPS™ clients are achieving year-over-year double-digit revenue growth since implementing the SAASRAM™ suite. This suite of revenue management solutions helps businesses optimize their sales processes, automate tasks, and gain insights into their customers.

Comprehensive Post Sales Support

Both Featurewave and SAASTEPS™ offer comprehensive post-sales support to help businesses get the most out of their solutions. This support is essential for businesses to navigate challenges and maximize their revenue potential inside the Salesforce CRM platform.

If you’re looking to accelerate your business’s revenue growth, explore integrating Featurewave and SAASTEPS™. These two companies are leading the way in AI-powered revenue growth solutions, and together they can help you take your business to the next level. 

Visit and to learn more about accelerating your revenue growth with this powerful combination of sales technology tools.

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