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Amplify10 is an AI-first company delivering an innovative AI Sales Execution platform natively built on Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CRM is the industry’s leading CRM system that all Sales professionals know, love and use daily. Amplify10 is both an ISV partner of Salesforce and a unique Sales Execution application that adds value in partnership with the Revenue Cloud and all Salesforce AI features and technologies.

As a native Salesforce application, Amplify10 is committed to adding value to your investment in the Salesforce platform to increase speed, ease of use and reduce costs to transform value in your sales performance execution. Amplify10 empowers mid-market and enterprise companies by transforming the legacy sales and buyer experience to deliver more predictable, high-quality sales performance and a more trusted buyer journey. Amplify10 is focused on simplifying the complex selling process for B2B buyers by enabling every seller the highest possible performance potential with contextual guidance throughout the selling process. Amplify10’s AI insights provide the very essence of trust throughout the sales process to maximize revenue while delivering business outcomes and a richer, more personalized buyer experience.

Amplify10 Co-founder Story

Joe and Luigi met while both were employed at Apttus. Joe was a very early employee, joining Apttus in 2011 and Luigi joined soon after. Joe has spent his career in sales and Luigi has been building and implementing software applications to improve the performance of sales teams for 15 years. They’ve been working very closely together for 12 years. 

In spite of the advent of some great sales enablement technologies, Joe and Luigi failed to see commensurate improvements in the performance of sales teams (sales execution). With personal and professional interests in addressing the sales performance challenges which have plagued sales teams for decades, they were determined to tackle “lackluster sales execution”. 

Together, they had the perfect blend of experience to understand and address this problem and they examined the challenges with sales execution from all angles. They realized that people on B2B revenue teams simply have too much information that needs to be kept track of in order to be a valuable resource to their customer, and the only way to address this challenge at scale is with the use of artificial intelligence.

So they created the only end to end sales AI-powered platform to enable flawless sales execution.


Joe Parlett

CEO & Co-Founder

With over two decades of experience in sales and leadership roles at prominent software companies, Joe has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both buyers and sellers in today’s complex business landscape.

He began his high tech career as a sales representative at industry giants like Oracle and Remedy, honing his skills in consultative selling and building strong customer relationships. 

However, it was his experiences at startups like Apttus and Veloce CPQ that truly shaped his perspective. Joining these companies in their early stages, Joe played a pivotal role in driving their growth and he witnessed firsthand the importance of being a trusted advisor and consultant to customers, guiding them through the intricate buying process.

Recognizing that buying can be as difficult as selling, Joe is passionate about providing excellent service and enabling revenue teams to become the trusted partners their customers need. His unique blend of expertise in enterprise software sales, startup experience, and a customer-centric mindset led him to identify an opportunity to create a platform that empowers revenue teams to deliver exceptional value for their clients.

With a deep commitment to customer success and a visionary approach, Joe is dedicated to transforming the way businesses engage with their customers.

Luigi Aditiarama

CPO & Co-Founder

Luigi Aditiarama is on a mission to restore joy and confidence for B2B sales professionals. Drawing from 11 years of hands-on experience selling and developing products within the Salesforce ecosystem, he has an intimate understanding of how to unlock the platform’s full potential to drive sales success. This hard-won expertise inspired Luigi to co-found Amplify10, an AI-powered sales execution platform. Amplify10 empowers sellers with contextual guidance and insights throughout the entire buyer’s journey, enabling them to sell more effectively.

Luigi spent the last 12 years working within the Salesforce ISV ecosystem and was an early employee at two other Salesforce ecosystem companies – Apttus (now Conga) and Veloce. He played a key role in successfully building and launching innovative sales products integrated with Salesforce.

With this unique cross-section of sales experience and product development, Luigi is determined to reshape the B2B selling experience through the transformative power of AI and the Amplify10 platform.

About our company name - “Amplify10”

Here’s the background on how we came up with the company name. 

There are two (2) elements to our name: Amplify and 10

About “Amplify”

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is largely going to amplify the performance of humans rather than supplant them or replace them (well, it won’t replace all of us).

About the “10”

Use our AI to ignite your team’s performance by 10x

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can set up Amplify10 and use it as long as you’d like. Sign up and self-install. No SOW. No services engagement.

Fill out the “Try for Free” form. Install Amplify10 in your Salesforce org. Load or point to your files and the Amplify10 intelligent engine does the rest.

Amplify10 works with Salesforce CRM and runs from within any object. Amplify10 is a Salesforce AppExchange partner. Get more value out of CRM than you could have ever imagined.

Whether you have a well-structured system for sales enablement or are just starting your journey, Amplify10 will enhance your strategy and ensure sales effectiveness.

Whether you are far along on the training maturity curve or are a small company and don’t have a well-built program, Amplify10 will meet you where you are and make sure that your sales team is effective. 

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